Riding Europe, preparing for the TCR NO.5


“A Thousand Turns To Meteora”.

A cryptic way of describing the PEdalED Transcontinental Race, an Ultracycling challenge that after 4 grueling editions is taking mythical proportions among Ultra cycling enthusiasts. Much like the Transamerican race, the TCR crosses an entire continent, only allowing displacements by bike. In contrast to the Transamerican race however, the TCR takes its participants from North to South through Europe, from Geraardsbergen (BE) to Meteora (GR), with only what they can carry as support.

On this blog I’ll share my best and worst moments of my preparation for this race. At the same time I’ll l share insights in what gear to take, what food to eat; how to train, etc… All of this based on input of experts in each of these disciplines.